Reaching customers has always been a challenge. Keeping customers - making them loyal - even harder.

Mariposa Mobile Coupons

In 2017, 87% of Americans - from "boomers" to "Gen Z" (10-17 y/o's) - carried a smartphone.
For a year before that, more than 60% of "near me" searches happened on smartphones.

Doesn't it make sense to


Lodestone: Beacon Proximity - Geofencing


Proximity Beacons Geofencing

Lodestone® is a proximity beacon that creates a "focus of attraction" for customers.
It's ATTRACTION MARKETING, geo-fencing brick & mortar businesses and bringing new customers to online businesses.

Saguaro Hotspot

Saguaro Hotspot®

Branded Business WiFi

Saguaro Hotspot® lets customers (and those nearby) use their choice of social media to log in.
They get secure access to the internet courtesy of social media giants while you add data and demographics to your marketing list.

Online Video

Web Video

Eye Candy

Video is a great strategy to attract the eyes of your market. But strategy is seldom enough.
“Tactical deployment” of video (live, whiteboard, sketch) puts search algorithms to work for you, letting them know there’s video on your site.

Mariposa Mobile Coupons

Mariposa Mobile® Coupons

"Gamified" Loyalty

Why rely on paper when Mariposa Mobile® Coupons reach customers on their smartphone, instantly! Even better, "Spin-", "Scratch-to-Win", or Slot Machine features "gamify" your special offers.
Gain data and demographics using social media "login to play" feature.

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