Reaching customers has always been a challenge. Recent circumstances have made it VITAL.

Mariposa Mobile Coupons

You were "LOCKED DOWN" for over 2 full months.

You're OPEN! You KNOW you have to advertise that to as many people as possible.
But you won't survive on poor results.

Due to the "circumstances", costs for any
Local Motive Marketing service will be
based upon RESULTS (for the first month).

Lodestone: Beacon Proximity - Geofencing


Proximity Beacons Geofencing

Lodestone® is an a proximity beacon that creates an app-delivered "focus of attraction" for customers.
geo-fencing brick & mortar businesses and bringing new customers to e-commerce businesses and professional offices.

Saguaro Hotspot

Saguaro Hotspot®

Branded Business WiFi

Saguaro Hotspot® lets customers (and those nearby) use their choice of social media to log in.

They get secure access to the internet
courtesy of social media giants
while you add data and demographics
to AUTOMATE your marketing list.

Mariposa Mobile Coupons

Mariposa Mobile® Coupons

"Gamified" Loyalty

Mariposa Mobile® Coupons reach customers on their smartphone, instantly!
Even better, with "Spin-to-Win", "Scratch-to-Win", or Slot Machine features to "gamify" your special offers.
And they come with "Loyalty card" features to AUTOMATE bringing them back.

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